Nov 28, 2011

A Happy Day

I hung out with Angel on Sunday. We had so much fun.
We went to agnis b. to have an afternoon tea and then walked around the Harbor city. There were so many people and took photos with X’mas decorations - Toy Story theme. Although I also wanted to take some, I couldn’t get in there.

I haven’t go out for a really long while due to the damn projects and assignments. In the following two weeks, I still have an important presentation and exam. And then? Everything is finished. I would be graduated. Not student anymore. (CRY…)


(photos taken with my galaxy NOTE)

Nov 14, 2011

Book Binding

I had a taste of book binding in the publication design lesson.

I LOVE it!

I made my own book and I know there is degree course about book binding. It’s hard to image how the course is all about, workshop, history and different binding methods? I would love to take it! After having a dream of being a translator, now I want to be an expert of book binding as I LOVE HANDMADE.
Don’t you?

Here are some videos
They are easy to follow. Have fun.

How to make a bound book

How to Make an Instant Book

Simple Bookbinding Part 2
(that's the way my lecturer taught)

Nov 4, 2011

Never a bad day

Sometimes, things are not just as good as I thought.
I got something unexpected today but I have to stay focus on my test. I told myself leave the unhappiness behind and deal with it later. You know what, things are really unpredictable and I cant really handle it.

When I am down, I shouldn't let myself down. Except myself, who the hell on the world can help me? I do not mean I am the best one but I do believe I can change my own situation. When things happen unexpectedly, don’t be grey or blue.

Keep thinking positively.
And you would get a good result that you would never know.

Hey Cathy, keep smiling and going!!!!!!