Jul 31, 2011

Family day

“I’m busy” is always the excuse of not having meal all together with my family including my grandparents. It’s like everything is important than them. I’m a bit guilty.

My family and I went to eat dim sum with grandma at a Chinese restaurant today (and grandpa is in an elderly home). I think we had fun but it was a bit pity grandpa wasn’t there as all of us were always there every Saturday or Sunday just a few years ago.
After sending grandma to home, the rest went shopping and had dinner at pizza hut.
 Many dishes were missed to be shot...

just don't forget FAMILY day is essential!

Jul 30, 2011

New iPhone4 cases are launched

Do you have an iPhone4? How can miss this post?! Here are some photos of the latest choices for you! Check this out~ 
It’s made of wood and leather.

These black and white are made of leather but the 3 lines are not.

They’re totally wooden.

SGP Skin Guard Metal Camagon back production set

For this, just ask for more information.

Have a nice day =)

Jul 29, 2011

10 pairs of gorgeous scissors

In my Etsy shop, there are 2 major products, Deer and Scissor! Deer is big and scissor is comparatively a bit small. I’m going to talk about the little thing this time. In Make For You, there are 10 pairs of scissors which are delicate and like vintage. You couldn’t image how sharp they are. Be honest, I was shocked when I first used it! I would say that you could cut everything you want with it!

Let’s have a look~

They are like 19 century.

They are cranes. When you use it, it flies.

They are in different styles as a combined set.

They are just gorgeous and great! I recommend you to read the comments of different buyers :)
Have a nice day!

Jul 27, 2011

Thank you♥

I planned to go to gym room with my best friend ever Angel but she ended up cancelling it and said tired. It doesn’t matter and we’ll go there tomorrow! So, what I did today? I had my time watching movie and reading the books I took yesterday from book fair.
(If you were wondering why I have so much time, it’s because I’m a college student and having my last summer holiday. I’ve planned to get a part-time job but I don’t want to push too hard and just do the thing I want in these 2 months.)

I watched Happy Thank You More Please today. It’s a love story about couples, finding true love and the love between foster children and a man.
One thing in the film reminded me that we should be grateful and say thank you. One “thank you” isn’t enough so we should say more. That’s why “thank you more please”. When we express our gratefulness truly, good things would come back.

Jul 26, 2011

Book Fair

I went to annual book fair today which I was excited for serveral days. I expected to buy many books but I ended up only buying a set of 18 chicken mcnuggets and sitting on the floor out of the McDonalds as there were full of people!!!
(I was at the right top corner)
And USD2 stationery. When it was almost the end of the fair, many promotional skills came up. Paying USD2 to grasp a hand out of a box of stationery that you try to get as many as you can or ask the booth holder to grasp a hand for you. I asked the holder who was a man to help me. see.. many!

I only took a few photos.

These books are free of charge about Buddha, transmigration of the soul and the left top corner is about meditaion in English. I love reading books about death and transmigration that remind me should me kind when alive. I believe the relation between cause and effect.

We should be kind to everybody. Let's smile :)

Jul 25, 2011

Pebble mats

I was preparing some new products for my Etsy today and I just finished a new listing by now! THANK GOD! Some are for tomorrow...It has a tiring preparation but every time when I finish one, I do feel happy and satisfied. Thank you again!

I do hope people like my goods and then buy it! (Buying is a must to the seller, honestly.) However, appreciation is also great for me.

People say being with what person, time and place are the important elements of having a great meal. I would say, everything around you is significant. This time, I launch pebble mats to add flavor to life and they may help to increase your appetite.

The pebbles make me feel I’m in Thailand and having a holiday near a beach in a sunny day. Don’t you? If you always enjoy your meals at your wooden dinning table sets in the garden, it seems these stone really suit your taste!

For more details, please visit there.

Jul 24, 2011

a big SALE

Refer to the USBs I launched before, the article - 10 Creative USB key chains, there is a big SALE on them. You would have a USB within the range USD25 to USD100. Please visit the shop for more details :)

Jul 23, 2011

At home

What a pity that in such a sunny day, I stayed at home for all day long Internet. OK, I admit that if I go out, I will say I would rather stay at home in such a hot day and the heat nearly kills me!

Alright! See, how hot today was.

Besides, my mum love planting and orchid. She plants Dancing Lady Orchid and Phalaenopsis orchid at home.
It’s Dancing Lady Orchid which is really like some ladies are dancing in white dresses. Could you see there is another flower at the bottom? It’s a flower of Phalaenopsis orchid. That's small and nealy withers and falls.

Behind the cats is lucky tree. (Meaning is important to Chinese people!)

Jul 21, 2011

do you have Underarm problem?

I would say Internet is amazing. The best is you can get benefits there! Recently in Hong Kong, group buying is famous and some items are really cheap and attractive. I’ve bought beard papa’s and one-month gym membership (now I’m using) before.

OK, the story is long enough to stop.

Below is what I want to share with you.
I bought an underarm hair removal coupon last night which only costs USD37 (original price is USD249) for all my life until no trouble over unwanted hair. It’s a Japanese company in Hong Kong –Musee Platinum Tokyo- and many people say their services are good and no pushy sales (what a relief!).
Underarm hair is my problem all the time since I grown up (I even think Western girl don’t have it…). I considered to join some treatments before but they are really expensive so I plan to have it after finishing my college. But now, I’m really happy and excited to say that I can get what I want in a lower price. And also my elder sister has joined the company and recommended me to do too :) GREAT!!

*Of course I’m not doing advertisement and I also have to pay for my treatment..:(

Jul 17, 2011

Have fun with Clams at beach

I went to a beach with my mum today for digging clams from 2pm to 6pm. That was the 4th time of doing so and I feel like I’m experienced (for collecting clams lol). We took our equipments there, like caps, buckets, rubber boots and the most SPECIAL one is…
which is made by knife and iron tube. It’s big and powerful enough to help us digging so many clams like this …
4 hours later, I yelled that I was soooo exhausted and couldn’t help myself to stop as it was really fun. 6pm wast still early so some people were still hard working on it.
Yes, it was a great time for me going out with my mum and doing the thing she likes most! BTW, I dont know why every time she collects clams also feels it's the first time and exicited that would be sleepless. It's good to see every time is the first time and enjoy it. Isn't it?