May 31, 2011

New items

Finally I realized that I should pick the goods I like for my Etsy shop,
but not picking the goods for a particular festival.
I chose some products for the USA National Day this morning,
but they ended up being cancelled for some reasons.

At the end, I picked 2 clocks.
I offer 2 new items on my Etsy shop and you can visit My shop.

I Love Deer so I always sell deers in my shop.

May 30, 2011


I went to IKEA with my friend, Angel, yesterday for the lunch.
We didnt shop as I only wanted the food and we really ate a lot.

I always go there as the prices are reasonable and the taste is also OK.
I especially like the shrimps which is tasty and really different from others.
But I dont like spaghetti which is mild.

Is it the same taste in the IKEA all over the world?
What do you think?

May 29, 2011


I, from long hair to short hair, am very happy. I kept my long hair last 6 years, what a long time!!!
And now, short like this.
The hair stylist cut about 30cm of my hair but I felt nothing.
Someone asked how I could give up my hair...?!
Why I couldnt?!

As for me, HAIR doesnt mean anything.
But only you can design the meaning.
With short hair, I feel like I am lighter than before.

And thanks the people who said this hair style is also good for me :)

Please share your hair style and does HAIR means to you?

May 28, 2011

A Treament

I got fever last night but I feel well now.

Last night, after 4.5 hours tutorial for my students, I thought I had fever again. Finally I ate pills (I dont want to as I believe the side-effects). And I used a traditional method (Gua Sha Treatment) to help myself.

Before I start, I sprayed the massage oil on the pain area of my body (shoulder). Then, I used the edge of the little black bird to scrape there. If you feel pain, yes, something is wrong there. And of course you have to keep scraping if you want to feel well later. 

Then, you can see some red spot on your body. It represents the bird has already brought out your inner pain. Dont worry, the spot will be faded away within one week. It depends on your blood circulation.

It's useful when you get cold, fever and body pain.
I scraped myself but if you cant do it, just ask someone to help:)

I find that there is many information online about Gua Sha Treament. If you are interested in it, please find it as I think it's good for body.

May 26, 2011

The results

I'm a university student in Hong Kong.
I'm also a tutor for 5 primary school students.
At the beginning, I dont think I can teach children but I want money.
I dont wanna ask for money from my mum.

As a tutor for 3 year, I do care the results of them and I always push them.
I know they are tired and stressed.
But I have to.

Because the results decide the secondary schools they are going to get in.
It's important for HK students.

May 25, 2011

The goal

Writing an English blog is a goal for me because I call myself an English learner and I wanna improve my English writing skills. I might not able to use difficult words but I am sure you can read my thoughts through my words:)

1. I write this blog everyday.
2. You would like to keep reading it.

I've fever and sore throat.
I'm gonna stop here and see you tomorrow.

I am new

I'm a stranger to you.
I'm using another language when I'm thinking.
I'm a Chinese.

But I think people can make friends on the Internet no matter how far and how different they are. Internet is another world for you and me.