Jun 29, 2011

Today's outfit

I went out alone today but I wore a bit serious. I always wear very inforomal everywhere like short-sleeved shirt and short with sandals. Today, not very formal but a bit girlish.
I have to say this outfit isn't suitable in rainy days. The sleeves were flipped over onto shoulders and pants got wet very easy.....and my shoes...yes, wet.

I made this tote bag and I love the match of the lace the rose red.
see ya!

Jun 28, 2011

Become healthier-Basil Seeds

Currently, I keep drinking a kind of seeds - Basil Seeds.

Basil seed is like sesame but after absorbing enough water, it expands 30 times and like surrounded by white thing. It has lots of benefits. The biggest benefits are that basil seed can absorb the fat in blood and provide us omega3. It can also help you eat less as it would make you full. It is tasteless and the mouthfeel is special( I dont know how to describe..) so I always add it into different drinks like Ribena, apple vinegar and honey water, etc. You name it.

I dont know if you could find it in your town but I hope you could try it and become more healthier:)

Jun 27, 2011

Postive Thinking

I love reading books about Postive Thinking, like Secret , The power of your subconscious mind and Have a little faith as I want to improve my spiritual health.

I always got mad easily in the past and everyone scared me. In recent years, I know about "God" and the inner spirit that I believe in and recognize it as Subconscious. I believe reality comes from imagination. That is why we have to learn how to think positively for living happily. How we think  affect the experinece we would have.

I hope everyone can be relieved.

I'm gonna read Who Would You Be Without Your Story? (I could only find the website on Amazon). I have read I Need Your Love - Is That True? (also on Amazon) before and I think it's good :)

If you want more books, I could recommend you:)

Jun 23, 2011

New clothes

I bought them today which cost only USD20. I seldom wear dress but I like that colorful long dress and it's suitable in summer. The colors make me happy and cool me down when Hong Kong is so hot nowadays.

The material of the pants is so light and of course that long pants won't hot me :) Some people say the pattern of the pants is for elderly and yes, it's for them in Hong Kong but, I do like it.

How would you dress when it's summer?

Jun 21, 2011

Who are you?

After watching OBJECTIFIED, i think what i'm using only reflect on who i am to myself. We have really no need to care about how people see ourselves as their thoughts wont change you but only youself can do so. You know what, we're living for ourselves, for our souls.

Jun 20, 2011

Healing-Family Constellation

As a helper, I joint a Family Constellation (a kind of psychological healing) last night. It was my first time and I asked for joining it. I would say it's so amazing and "magical" that there was a power guiding you how to act. I know what I did but I just couldn't control my feeling and actions.

I was a helper but coincidentally I solved my inner confrontations and the problems affected me for over 10 years.

I'm relieved now.
And I know I should really LET IT GO.

Jun 17, 2011


It's sad to see people dumping books, espeicially when they are new.
I have no ideas why I love books and words.

Today, my mum asked me if I read a book she holding. I said no and flipped through it but I felt a bit pity as the book is new and it seems no one read it before. I think every book should be read no matter what subject and it is served to.

Message is conveyed by words onto a paper, that is a book.
People should read books to keep fresh mind, doesn't it?

Jun 16, 2011

Nice to meet you:)

As a seller on Etsy, I would think up some ideas for boosting the sales so I've created a so-called newsletter. I hope it wont make you sick.
However, as a person, I would love to make friends with you rather than selling you all of my products which are useless for you with different disgusting methods. Internet makes us together and it's happy to be a friend with you ( I hope I could!).

Jun 13, 2011


I've sent out some resumes and had an interview 2 days before. I'll have another tomorrow. It's so glad and excited that when someone calls you and arranges an interview for you. Although it might be the last summer hoilday for me and I should enjoy it, but, I just want a job.

I can enjoy when I have money.

Jun 9, 2011


I went running this morning that I planned to do last night before bed. I love running but I haven’t do it for a long while with the excuse like focusing on studies, tutorials, no energy and mood, etc. Now, I have time and how can I still not go for it?!

I ran about 15 minutes and stretched 30mins. I love it because when I run, I can only hear the heartbeat and breathing. The world is only about me it’s so concentrated. Troubles? Byebye.

After the 45 minutes, I sat under the tree and looked at the blue sky. Yes, it’s so lucky to be a human being no matter how hard it is.

Have you ever given up your interest and even now you still have the passion for it?

It’s now the sky outside my home. See, sun is always here with you and me.

Jun 8, 2011


I am happy and relieved as my students are gonna finish their exams tomorrow. I do feel stressed as if I have the responsibility about their results although no one says it before. The exam is over and the tutorial lessons will be reduced that represents I earn less from their parents.

So, for earning more money, I sent some resumes tonight and I hope I'll have some feedback soon.

Good night : )

Jun 7, 2011


It was today's breakfast---a big banana and the sour yogurt which is the skimmer of Easiyo. I was really full when I finished the banana and half of the yogurt.

One of the bowls was my dinner last night. It was sea urchin on wudo (a kind of noodles). The sea urchin was so thick and tasty. Do you love sea urchin?

Jun 5, 2011

Sunny day

Today was a really sunny day.
Unfortunately, I only stayed at students' home and my home.

I was really bored today as the students are having exams and I, as a tutor, have to provide them lessons and I hope they could be more confident with it. I keep telling them "Well done!" and "You are doing good!". Encouragement is important. When the exam is over, the lessons would be reduced and I'm gonna have more time.

I'm planning to ....
No. I have no plan.
I've no ideas what I would do afterwards.

Alright, let me figure it out.

ps. the yogurt is a bit sour and like grapefruit. I'm gonna try mango/ natural next time :)

Jun 4, 2011

Yogurt time

Yesterday spicy soy source and today, YOGURT.

I have a yogurt machine in my home and it has not been used for several years. And now it is used as I wanna on the track of healthy diet. Of course, I love the taste of it.

I made 1L yogurt with all these white stuff and I can try it 12 hours later.
However, I would say making your own yogurt is only a bit cheaper than buying it in supermarket. I'm a bit confused about why do it yourself but I think I would keep doing it as at least I would eat 1L in about 3days.

I'm gonna report tomorrow;)

By the way, I've updated my shop on ETSY.
There is a package of MSN chat box magnets.

Jun 3, 2011


I love spicy food. If I can I would love to have spicy food every meal.
My mum knows it and makes her own spicy soy source for me.
Today, she made another bottle of spicy soy source.

As you can see, she added some chillies she grew and dried scallops into soy source and then boiled it. It was salt but mum added some sugar. You can try it your own and when it is no more hot, you can pour it into the original soy source bottle and use it afterwards.

TRY it now if you also like spicy :)

Jun 2, 2011

June is here

June arrived. Everyday is a brand new day.

I borrowed 2 books from a library after a student cancelled her tutorial lesson. One book is about sign language.
I want to learning it for many years but I didnt start. 
I think it's interesting and a kind of secret between a group of people.
It would be amazing if sign language was international but it seems that it is not.

Another book is about online business.
Of course I want to boost the sales of my shop that's why now I'm learning how to achieve it. I'm trying to pick the goods I like and I think you might also like. TRY! Let's see the result.

My June target is the 2 above.
Do you have any? Please share :)