Dec 30, 2011

Photos sharing

I know there is no theme at all, but, hope you would like them :)

Dec 29, 2011

X'mas is still here :)

How are you?
How was your X'mas?

Photos sharing time:

Last time I bought a bottle of white wine at IKEA and I found out I don’t like it at all. The taste is like a kind of Chinese medicine =..= but my mum likes it!! Good! At that night (22/12) an angry bird was bought and when it came out, smartphones also came out for shooting photos.

At My silent night, my friend Angel and I ate sushi. WOW!!
I love salmon sashimi.

At X’mas day, puff, cat, cake and peace were there with me :)

Dec 21, 2011

An IKEA day

After yoga on 19/12, I went to IKEA myself and spent three hours there for eating at its café and picking candles.

I order meatballs with spaghetti and a plate of French fries. I love IKEA providing yummy food in low price and what I ordered was only USD2.5 . Is HK IKEA cheaper than USA IKEA?
After the afternoon tea, I started my journey from the entrance to the cashier. I picked around USD14 for candles and USD7 for a bottle of white wine which I plan to drink tomorrow night that a celebration would be held (only five people). Belows are what I bought:

Three hours in IKEA made me tired and then I went home directly although I had thought to visit more shops for buying X’mas gifts for my family. Till now, I have bought nothing for them =00=

Hey Hey Hey, Santa Claus is coming the town!
What would you do on those days?

Dec 18, 2011

What you need is FOOD!

Tonight, almost everything is about FOOD.
You know what, I always feel hungry and I don’t like the feeling of hungry. I would be in bad mood when I am starving. It’s so werid for my friends and they think I am so weird too. Anyway, for me, I would I do not like eating but I just need food. Thank you…

Now, show you the photos about a celebration with my best group mates after all the damn projects and presentations, and our school life being together. We had the dinner at a Germany restaurant – King Ludwig Bellhall.

After the dinner, we were so full but still got mango juice. And we were really full then.

Before I went home, I bought 6 boxes of milk and 1 soya milk at a convenient store. And I love chocolate milk.

Another day, I went out with my other friends and had Chinese food.

And got gifts.

Happy day Happy me! Wish you too!

Dec 15, 2011


I always say “I am waiting for my school end.” And the day came yesterday, my first exam day and the last. I always know being a student is much better and easier than working but it’s not the way for me to escape from the difficulties. I would rather solve the problems no matter how hard and how the results would be than just run away. 

The thing I did right after the exam was SEWING on fake leather for my earphone. I like it and what do you thing :) ?

Dec 1, 2011

1st December

Today, 1st December, how would you spend your day?

Any special about today?
No, it’s only the first step to X’mas.
(By the way, how was your thanksgiving because there is no such a happy gathering holiday in HK and I watch gossip girl that it is a wonderful day with dishes full of the table!—of course)

As I said, Santa Claus is coming the town. I plan to buy X’mas gifts for everyone in my family same as last year. Buying and sending gifts is the happy moment for the sender and receiver. As the sender, I can enjoy all the buying process and imagine how happy you react (or how disappointed…on the contrast…). As the receiver, you would be really excited about using the product you love (or worry about how to deal with it…oh…) So thinking positively, picking and getting gifts are the joy for everyone! And..they would love what I pick!

And yes, I plan to BUY but still haven’t plan to buy WHAT… and I think I’m gonna spend a day on it not because I have a big family, but because I have no ideas about buying what.

Due to my Note, I can always let photos record my life and share photos with my friends via whatsapp, and share with you here. It’s so convenient to send via it with no cost (whatsapp is free in Android Market). I love taking photos and use apps to decorate them. Anyone could recommend me camera apps which exist in Android? Any share?

the sunset i see everyday. and the other three is IKEA food, another sun, and the song i love listening to recently.
these two photos are from iphone 4. We were finding places to take photos for projects. I like the color of the first one and my pose of the second one. 

a photo was taken when i pretended not noticing about the camera..

Nov 28, 2011

A Happy Day

I hung out with Angel on Sunday. We had so much fun.
We went to agnis b. to have an afternoon tea and then walked around the Harbor city. There were so many people and took photos with X’mas decorations - Toy Story theme. Although I also wanted to take some, I couldn’t get in there.

I haven’t go out for a really long while due to the damn projects and assignments. In the following two weeks, I still have an important presentation and exam. And then? Everything is finished. I would be graduated. Not student anymore. (CRY…)


(photos taken with my galaxy NOTE)

Nov 14, 2011

Book Binding

I had a taste of book binding in the publication design lesson.

I LOVE it!

I made my own book and I know there is degree course about book binding. It’s hard to image how the course is all about, workshop, history and different binding methods? I would love to take it! After having a dream of being a translator, now I want to be an expert of book binding as I LOVE HANDMADE.
Don’t you?

Here are some videos
They are easy to follow. Have fun.

How to make a bound book

How to Make an Instant Book

Simple Bookbinding Part 2
(that's the way my lecturer taught)

Nov 4, 2011

Never a bad day

Sometimes, things are not just as good as I thought.
I got something unexpected today but I have to stay focus on my test. I told myself leave the unhappiness behind and deal with it later. You know what, things are really unpredictable and I cant really handle it.

When I am down, I shouldn't let myself down. Except myself, who the hell on the world can help me? I do not mean I am the best one but I do believe I can change my own situation. When things happen unexpectedly, don’t be grey or blue.

Keep thinking positively.
And you would get a good result that you would never know.

Hey Cathy, keep smiling and going!!!!!!

Oct 31, 2011


Yea, it’s time to give myself some encouragements. I’m the one who sometimes talk to myself and tell some wisdom, like another person talking to me. It’s quite inspirable for me. I would say the thoughts are from my subconscious and I just don’t understand normally. Or, something I know actually but I have to remind myself. And you know what, I always use another language when talk to myself, such as Mandarin and English. I think it’s quite


Oct 26, 2011

Keep going!

I love to spend more time on online shop and upload more products on it. However, school projects cost me more and more time during this final year. I’ve many products that I love and wanna share with you. It’s pity that they are still waiting!

I would say all my products are my favorite. I do really care about the quality more than the price. Hope you’d like all my items.

Oct 24, 2011


I was informed that Halloween is a ghost festival and we shouldn’t celebrate it actually. Otherwise, bad luck and death would come.
In Hong Kong’s ghost festival, we believe that ghosts would be on the streets only at nights and if you see them you would be in bad luck, so we are encouraged back home as early as you can, even before sundown. Also, we wouldn’t celebrate it as western countries, like holding a party. We only stay together having dinner. After the meal, parents would burn some “ghost money” for any ghosts on the streets by the assumption that if they get enough money, they wouldn’t hurt people!
That’s a piece of information about HK ghost festival.

I’ve experienced western-style Halloween. How would it be?

Oct 23, 2011

Time flies.

You know what, time really flies and no one wait you!
Such a busy week drives me crazy! Seems that I’m trying to escape the projects. I really wanna finish my school life which will be end before 2011. Right, still get 2 months and how can I enjoy it? Enjoy the projects and pressure.

Try to be happy but still wanna report my life.

Yea report, report my yoga lessons. I haven’t been the centre for 1 week. I wanna stretch myself. Maybe Tuesday! My friend Angel told me that the tutor today asked her why I didn’t go with her. I was happy because the tutor remembers me and asked Angel about me.

one more thing, a new reindeer is now on my shop, please click here
more photos will be upload here.