Jun 29, 2012

How to write a BLOG?

Have you ever felt it’s hard to write a blog? Yes I DO!
There are only 2 options:
1.       You quit!
2.       Keep going no matter what happen!
Hey~ pick option number 2 of course!
Sometimes, I think no one will read what I write but I love writing and I love words, so I read about how to write might be interesting.
Below is something helpful~
Enjoy and Keep moving

Step 1: Write down the following —
1.       Three things you see or hear right now. I see a broken digital camera; I see trees full with green leaves; I hear a distant car motor.
2.      Three things you did last week. Even if it was laundry. I ate birthday cake every day; I went for several walks down the lane; I created UPS orders.
3.      Three exchanges you had with someone else. I traded twelve emails with one person to finalize a shipment; I chatted with a friend at a yard sale about a recent photo shoot; I planned a trip to a scrap machinery dealer.
Step 2: Ask why. Pick one item from your list and ask “Why?” until you find something interesting.
Step 3: Repeat until you do indeed find something interesting. If it doesn’t go anywhere, try another item. Within a few minutes you should have something you want to share that reveals the texture of your life.
I ate birthday cake every day. Why? It was sitting on the counter. Why? It wouldn’t fit in the refrigerator. Why? The refrigerator is full of glass bottles of milk. Why? My husband milks cows every morning.
Step 4: Keep going. Simply take a few minutes each week to practice pulling stories out of your everyday life. It will become easier. Soon you will transition quickly from an element in your daily life to a captivating photo, a few words or even a short video. With time and practice, it will become natural.

Jun 28, 2012


Below are the orchids planted by my mum. She loves planting so much.
Do you see them beautiful?
Orchids blooms with "double happiness"Orchids with "double happiness"
so many orchid blossomsBefore (below is the After)
That White!!Side angel