Mar 30, 2012


*they were looking at the same direction.

I didn’t like cats and even pets before, but after spending many times with my friend’s cat, I now LOVE CATS.

When I walked home yesterday after work, I saw two lovely cats. Because they are belonged to a shop owner at a street and always play with passers-by, they don’t afraid of strangers and people can touch them. They are comfy.

Every cat has different personalities. They are special and cute, like people.

I found a blog (Gracehouse) which shows lots of photos about cats and the writer’s daughter. The writer also adds some captions and “conversations” for the cats. It’s funny. Check it out! (but it’s a Chinese blog)

Mar 29, 2012


Because I want to write my blog better, I today kept reading others’ blogs. Then I recognised that people would be attracted by words no matter someone says don’t talk too much about yourself because people don’t know you and they do not want to know you.

I thought it may be right but now I doubt that if they don’t want to know me then why they would read my words? I know only a few about blogging so I read from “experts”. I feel hard to write and think too much before I write. I tried to do what “experts” says BUT it’s not my words at all. Try to be informative try to be attractive but not me. 

In fact, if you read blogs, you always don’t know the writers but if you keep reading, you will feel you know her. From words, readers may know the writer’s personalities and can be attracted by what the writer says and the attitudes.

So now, I decided to do the blog in my way and I will find my own way.
But still, I hope you would like it and leave me some words.
I like trees with fewer leaves.

My beloved Dr. Martens :)

Mar 28, 2012

My Dr. Martens

Making a successful brand is not easy at all. I think Dr. Martens is one of the examples.

I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens around one month ago for my sister’s wedding day. I want to have my own Dr. Martens for ages but it’s true that it’s expensive for a student like me before. And then now I have my full time job and I can afford it. (ok, I’m not gonna tell my story……)
There must be some reasons about a brand with 62-years history since 1960 to be that popular . What I think are quality and style of the products.

About the quality, people can wear their Dr. Martens wherever and whenever they want. Because of waterproof, rain will not damage the beauty of the boots. A firm leather with a fine print, giving a natural grain finish. With the coolest design and style, it is worth for the price.

And for me, I believe I will buy another pair of Dr. Martens…afterwards.

My boots were USD250 because they were made in England for the 60th anniversary of DR. Marten. The thick leather and the behind reasons make me feel the price is reasonable. By the way, due to the thickness, I’ve had to wear the boots for over 2 weeks to make it soft (and now till not soft enough). And also due to the thickness, the boots are so heavy. So WORTH it XD

I would like to end with a question: 

Would you wear a pair of thick boots in Summer?

Mar 22, 2012

How are you today?

How am I today?


Today i was always worried about the processes of my tasks, waiting for the design house, wanted to make them faster but i didnt dare to do so, worried about the blue print but at the end it didn't come today but tomorrow, and whether  i can leave on time.

All these are because we dont have enough time which is because my supervisor will be on leave tomorrow until next Friday.

So we have to finish the things today. And i have to check the blue print on my own tomorrow.

Wow what i said now like a mess.

Stop and bye for now...-o-

Mar 21, 2012

Keep fit

I took this photo after running at fitness centre. I bought this pair of sneakers because i wanna be slimmer. ..

You know what, sitting for a long time everyday makes me feel bad and fat. I wanna walk around but i have to sit and do my tasks.

So...anyway, i bought a new pair of reebook for running after work.

I like it because it is really soft and can reduce the stress caused by running .

And of course the color is really great.

Do you like doing exercise?

What kind do you like?

Mar 20, 2012


Hi :)

I was taught that there is no real, alive fish overseas unless museum. It was quite strange for me as i think fish and chicken are so common in life. So another day when i saw those fishes in a supermarket, i took the photos at once for you.

They were SO big. The staff would "kill" the fish you buy in front of you. Would you be scared if you see that scene in person?

I won't.  As i said, it's common...

So please tell me am i right that there's no alive fish in your country?

Mar 16, 2012

I love this pig.

The bow tie on the pig is the bow tie i worn on my sister's wedding. After the night, i found it useless for me but memorable. So i put it on the pig which is a birthday gift and placed nearby my bed.

It's a prince pig and it looks so cute<3

Mar 15, 2012

Great time with my friends.

Last night i had a great time with my college friends at California Pizza Kitchen. Good food with great friends make things perfect. We laughed we chatted and we gossiped.

There would not be weird with real friends even  when dead air.

You understand what i mean : )

Mar 11, 2012

Buffet time.

I and my family and the family -in -law had buffet on 8 March night . It was good but expensive.

We had 3.5 hours being together and we had fun.

Mar 8, 2012

What you want?

Do you go to work everyday?
Do you know why you have do so?

For living? Or you work for interests?

I am now an editorial assistant. I edit words everyday although i love words.

Although i see my job as a stepping stone, i'm confused about working for others.

I have an online shop on ETSY before. For some reasons, it closed. BUT, i haven't given up about opening any kinds of shops and the main points are that I AM THE BOSS and I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT.

I mean i can make decisions.

Why my job now is a stepping stone?
Because i have not enough experience to do what i want. From the words i read everyday, i do know more about business. And i believe when i have enough "power" i can achieve my goal!

Open a shop!

We are beter to have dreams and fight for them. Otherwise we have no reasons to suffer all these in our lifes.

Mar 6, 2012

My elder sister's wedding!


4/3/2012 was the wedding day of my sis and brother-in-law! At that day i didnt wear dress but suit!  Many people confused and asked me why i wore suit. And my answer was: i dont wanna wear that kind of wedding dress!

Hong Kong is a traditional city! Old people feel strange about it!

Haha who cares!

Anyway, i love them. And i feel depressed after the wedding because im kind of missing them.