Sep 28, 2011


I’m taking a publication design course in this semester.
In the first lesson I just thought I could handle it. However, when the first assignment came and I saw my design, I was so frustrated. You know why? See!

I have to focus on those names which I don’t know.
When I heard the lecturer praised the works of my classmates and looked back what I had done, it was really sad! It has no any design at all! At that night, I tried not to give up and came out a new design. Much better right?!
I turned the paper stuff into PDF yesterday with Indesign.
And I had the lesson today and the lecturer marked all assignments. It’s really exciting that the lecturer praised my work and he said it’s a great success!!!!!!

Ya, that’s what I wanna share as I am still very happy. Staying at the bottom doesn’t matter at all but we have to try to get back from there.

I'll keep trying on everything!

Sep 25, 2011


I keep pinning nowadays. And I think today had nothing special except having 2 yoga lessons and dinner with my elder sister and her boyfriend who are living in another district. So, now I’m gonna try to pin some photos here as a post.

Please don’t stand too close as your head is so big!

The child says "Why we are in different colors? Am I a swan?"

I get everything in my hand, including 2hot-air bolloons!

A fallen angel needs haircut.

Goodnight mates :)

Sep 24, 2011

23 is a new start

Wow, Happy birthday to me is over and now I am 23.
I changed the headline of my blog – 23 is a new start.
At the night on my birthday, I had a casual dinner at a noodle restaurant. I ate nearly a full bowl of noodles and I love noodles so much, and also being full (by the way, I can’t stand for being hungry, the feeling makes me crazy and bad temper). And then birthday cake always is a must.

One thing surprised me was that my best friend Kiki bought me a cake and we ate it during lesson break. I did surprise as she told me she wanted to go to washroom but then her boyfriend was waiting for us with a cake. And I ate half of it because of hunger =0= shame!
It was half cake. only 0.5lb for the whole

the end of my birthday.

Although I’m a kind of busy recently due to the school term and final year project, I borrowed a book for reading on taking transportations. I love to do so because I spend at least 30minutes a day on subway. It can kill time and I can learn more during the boring time as I have no iPhone yet.

OK, the book is “It’s not how GOOD you are, it’s how GOOD you want to be.”- by Paul Arden. And I can find a video on youtube (although I don’t know why there is a photo video about a book..)
the photos are shown in order so that you could try to read it.
the whole style is so funny that big words and less words.

tell me what you think about it:)

Goodnight and have a wonderful day!

PS. I have got 2 followers eventually. happy me!

Sep 20, 2011

Happy birthday to me :)

I’m gonna be 23 tomorrow. Do I have any plans? Or what are my goals in my 23?
I guess I should get some!

l   Get a job which makes me feel comfortable
l   Always happy be with my family and my partner
l   Keep doing yoga
l   Experience internal peace
l   Travel 2 countries
l   Meet real friends with more people

Some are wishes and some are what I plan to achieve. 
Actually, I’m OK and happy now. I’m not plan to be a millionaire but what I want is just happiness. It's crucial.
Happy birthday to me :)

Sep 18, 2011

Why I am here.

Why the god gave you a chance to be here? The film is all about the meaning of life. Sometime I wonder why I’m here in the world and it seems I have not done something special like helping people their life. It’s a bit unreal about living.

It’s like a dream that I’m just on a vacation from outside the earth but this time the duration is just a bit long, and long. And someday I’ll leave by some reasons, having to go back to my original planet and finish my book report about the trip, who knows.

No matter rich or poor, I hope I can still be myself because I really love being myself, considering internal peace, trying to be nice to everyone truly otherwise I’d not give a damn on him/her, etc.

You know what life is really unpredictable and why you have a chance to be here is that you’ve a long vacation and find out who you are and what you really have to do during the time.

OK, why I’m talking this is because I just watched a film calledCharlie St. Cloud. It’s a little film review.

Enjoy life!

Sep 17, 2011

1st yoga lesson

Although I’m still a beginner of practicing yoga, from now on, I would share you some yoga poses which I have tried and easy for every beginner. I claim that I love staying healthy and I find yoga helps me. So, I want to post here. I have been practicesing yoga at gym room, which provides lessons, everyday since September. And I'm improving :) happy me!

Stop talking and now start practices.

Downward-facing dog
1.   Come onto the floor on your hands and knees. Set your knees directly below your hips and your hands slightly forward of your shoulders. Spread your palms, index fingers parallel or slightly turned out, and turn your toes under.
2.   Exhale and lift your knees away from the floor. At first keep the knees slightly bent and the heels lifted away from the floor. Lengthen your tailbone away from the back of your pelvis and press it lightly toward the pubis. Against this resistance, lift the sitting bones toward the ceiling, and from your inner ankles draw the inner legs up into the groins.
3.   Then with an exhalation, push your top thighs back and stretch your heels onto or down toward the floor. Straighten your knees but be sure not to lock them. Firm the outer thighs and roll the upper thighs inward slightly. Narrow the front of the pelvis.
4.   Firm the outer arms and press the bases of the index fingers actively into the floor. From these two points lift along your inner arms from the wrists to the tops of the shoulders. Firm your shoulder blades against your back, then widen them and draw them toward the tailbone. Keep the head between the upper arms; don't let it hang.
5.   Adho Mukha Svanasana is one of the poses in the traditional Sun Salutation sequence. It's also an excellent yoga asana all on its own. Stay in this pose anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes. Then bend your knees to the floor with an exhalation and rest in child’s pose.
Child’s pose
1.   Kneel on the floor. Touch your big toes together and sit on your heels, then separate your knees about as wide as your hips.
2.   Exhale and lay your torso down between your thighs. Broaden your sacrum across the back of your pelvis and narrow your hip points toward the navel, so that they nestle down onto the inner thighs. Lengthen your tailbone away from the back of the pelvis while you lift the base of your skull away from the back of your neck.
3.   Lay your hands on the floor alongside your torso, palms up, and release the fronts of your shoulders toward the floor. Feel how the weight of the front shoulders pulls the shoulder blades wide across your back.
4.   Child’s pose is a resting pose. Stay anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes. Beginners can also use child’s pose to get a taste of a deep forward bend, where the torso rests on the thighs. Stay in the pose from 1 to 3 minutes. To come up, first lengthen the front torso, and then with an inhalation lift from the tailbone as it presses down and into the pelvis.
(from yoga journal and youtube)
I’d suggest if you first try yoga, spend 5-10 minutes for these 2 poses. Still hesitate? Why not have a try?

Sep 15, 2011

a smile

I read a blog about keep moving on your blog which takes time to build up and it may not get a huge result right away. YES, it’s not the good time for the thing I expected to happen, maybe. I won’t know how and when it would come but I don’t sit and do nothing. Keep trying and working hard is a must! At least, I try!
i love using this kind of wisdom words as it does encourage me always.

Keep going on!

Sep 14, 2011

Wisdom sharing

I would be depressed I would be frustrated, but I keep reminding myself “I’m the best and I can do it!!!” Then, just do it!

Sep 11, 2011


Thank you that my family members are here be with me.
Thank you that we have time to spend on each other, even arguing.

I have you guys, thank you.

Sep 8, 2011

Mandala & Yoga

I keep joining yoga lessons recently as I believe seeking peace from my inside mind. When doing yoga, we only have to focus on ourselves’ posture and breathe, no thinking but only taking care of ourselves. I’ve told that I was a bad-temper person, but now I changed. Improving and correcting myself consciously is needed. Helping from outside, yoga, is also important, which makes me peaceful.

Oh yes, I joint constant temperature yoga (40 degree Celsius) yesterday that I sweated a lot. The movements were the same as the Hatha yoga, but it wasn’t easy under the hot environment. I love sweating during exercising and feel like I’m healthier than before.

And the last, some Mandalas by me.

Sep 5, 2011

Keep going!

I’m now suffering muscle pains because I had 2 lessons yesterday – body combat and yoga. The 45-minutes body combat already killed me. The movements were easy but I could only be so hyper for half an hour. And the rest? Just tried to move. It was my first time to take this lesson which I expect to for ages. I’d love to find an exercise to protect myself against abnormal person and I’d keep taking this kind of lesson later! I know, it’s not easy at all!

After that I rested for 1hour and took the yoga lesson. As for me, it is more comfortable as I can get the balance easily. But if you aren’t, you are still recommended to take it which help to improve your situation. Needless to say yoga is helpful!
I’m now having the one-month membership at the fitness centre and only enjoy the lessons but not the exercise machines ,which make my lower legs bigger=
I join 1 yoga lesson today and plan to take 2 exercises tomorrow. Let’s see how I would be at the end of September.

Sep 3, 2011

What I hate & like

Today is my second day of the last new school term. After eating sushi with friends at lunch, we went back to school and started talking about the final year project. I do hate oral presenting in front of lots of people! I do feel shy! Being a university student, English is the only language for presentation but it’s not my mother language. You might think my writing is ok! Yes, but my speaking is not all… don’t tell me practice is everything. I practice but the performance may not the same as the rehearsals…er..Maybe more preparations are needed.

Keep reminding myself how I should behave!

After the long discussion, I have my first yoga lesson of September tonight. It’s easy at the beginning but after half an hour, I’m tired. The teacher says I make some sounds like being shooting.. TIRED!

I love staying health and I would have another yoga lesson tomorrow.
the bottom one is a bowl of chicken rice that I eat right after the yoga...shame!!!..and the coke. 9pm.

Sep 1, 2011

My September♥

my new hair style
♥a new school term
the last three month of being a student
♥[hope getting] new part-time job(s)
birthday month
♥new gym membership - many yogas 
♥being more and more positive
♥work hard and play hard
♥be friend with you, you and you!