May 28, 2011

A Treament

I got fever last night but I feel well now.

Last night, after 4.5 hours tutorial for my students, I thought I had fever again. Finally I ate pills (I dont want to as I believe the side-effects). And I used a traditional method (Gua Sha Treatment) to help myself.

Before I start, I sprayed the massage oil on the pain area of my body (shoulder). Then, I used the edge of the little black bird to scrape there. If you feel pain, yes, something is wrong there. And of course you have to keep scraping if you want to feel well later. 

Then, you can see some red spot on your body. It represents the bird has already brought out your inner pain. Dont worry, the spot will be faded away within one week. It depends on your blood circulation.

It's useful when you get cold, fever and body pain.
I scraped myself but if you cant do it, just ask someone to help:)

I find that there is many information online about Gua Sha Treament. If you are interested in it, please find it as I think it's good for body.

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