Jun 9, 2011


I went running this morning that I planned to do last night before bed. I love running but I haven’t do it for a long while with the excuse like focusing on studies, tutorials, no energy and mood, etc. Now, I have time and how can I still not go for it?!

I ran about 15 minutes and stretched 30mins. I love it because when I run, I can only hear the heartbeat and breathing. The world is only about me it’s so concentrated. Troubles? Byebye.

After the 45 minutes, I sat under the tree and looked at the blue sky. Yes, it’s so lucky to be a human being no matter how hard it is.

Have you ever given up your interest and even now you still have the passion for it?

It’s now the sky outside my home. See, sun is always here with you and me.

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