Oct 5, 2011

Let's ...

Form 1st – 30th of September, I joined the membership of a gym room which provides yoga lessons. Now October, the membership was done and now I have no yoga lessons at all. I thought I'd do it at home, but it was totally wrong as when I've time at home, I'd not remember to do that. That means I should have a long term contract there like 1-2years which is the minimum period. I did 23 yoga lessons last month and I do think I’m a bit thinner than the month I kept doing cardio exercises. It’s so happy for me although I don't mean to lose weight. As a girl, it’s better losing than getting weight.

SO, I’m gonna join it tomorrow. And I’ll report.

One last thing, I’m waiting for the new iPhone (I suppose it will be an iPhone). I haven’t got any at this moment and I want it so badly. I love to update my things with this popular smart phone wherever I am. I wanna chat with my friends no matter where they are (and I do really wanna chat with you those maybe in different countries, of course if you also want to).

Apple really connects people.
Hope it helps you and me.

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