Apr 17, 2012

Killing mosquitoes

no fire at all
next to the candle because i still not found a better way to put.
dried orange skin can cause fire.

As for me, the biggest problem in summer night is mosquitoes. A few nights before, I was woken up by an annoying mosquito flying near my ear and making disgusting sound – ewwww.

The next day, I searched online and found out an easy way – burning dried orange skin. Really easy right?! So there is no reason not to try and I eat orange almost everyday so the orange skin can be collected conveniently.

The first day I burnt the skin that was not dried but I had no choice and still used it. It couldn’t be burnt at all then I put it above a candle – produced smoke that I supposed it drove mosquitoes away.

Another day after the orange skin under the sunshine, it could be burnt and when it burn there was some sound like “pi pang pi”, normal but scared as I am afraid it will cause a fire….!!!

Then I burnt for these three nights, and I found it Really Works and NO BITES at all! And yes, the smoke drives the mosquitoes away!

Thank God and Oranges.

I put an orange skin into 5 pieces then burning half of a piece already works~

So?! There is no reason not trying a useful and easy way if you also have the mosquito problem!

*Be careful of the flame :)

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