Jul 20, 2012

Wooden Lion Head

Lion is so powerful to me. What do you think about it?
Have you ever image you could have one at home?
It's NOW!

It's a wooden lion head that can be hanged on wall with holes.
and you could change its colors to yellow, sharp pink or white, you name it!

$10 less if you purchase by email or leave your order here!

pictures time:


  1. whoa really cool. I definitely think white would look really awesome, and so would yellow! ah!

  2. Hi, it's also cool that you could find others forest animals like deer and hippo, in any colors. Take good care of yourself:)

  3. Hi. I want one of these item. How I must proceed? tks

  4. Hi! This is a wonderful work! Are you the person who draw the peaces? What could I do to have the drawings? Email me please..danteftc@yahoo.com.br