Dec 18, 2011

What you need is FOOD!

Tonight, almost everything is about FOOD.
You know what, I always feel hungry and I don’t like the feeling of hungry. I would be in bad mood when I am starving. It’s so werid for my friends and they think I am so weird too. Anyway, for me, I would I do not like eating but I just need food. Thank you…

Now, show you the photos about a celebration with my best group mates after all the damn projects and presentations, and our school life being together. We had the dinner at a Germany restaurant – King Ludwig Bellhall.

After the dinner, we were so full but still got mango juice. And we were really full then.

Before I went home, I bought 6 boxes of milk and 1 soya milk at a convenient store. And I love chocolate milk.

Another day, I went out with my other friends and had Chinese food.

And got gifts.

Happy day Happy me! Wish you too!

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