Dec 1, 2011

1st December

Today, 1st December, how would you spend your day?

Any special about today?
No, it’s only the first step to X’mas.
(By the way, how was your thanksgiving because there is no such a happy gathering holiday in HK and I watch gossip girl that it is a wonderful day with dishes full of the table!—of course)

As I said, Santa Claus is coming the town. I plan to buy X’mas gifts for everyone in my family same as last year. Buying and sending gifts is the happy moment for the sender and receiver. As the sender, I can enjoy all the buying process and imagine how happy you react (or how disappointed…on the contrast…). As the receiver, you would be really excited about using the product you love (or worry about how to deal with it…oh…) So thinking positively, picking and getting gifts are the joy for everyone! And..they would love what I pick!

And yes, I plan to BUY but still haven’t plan to buy WHAT… and I think I’m gonna spend a day on it not because I have a big family, but because I have no ideas about buying what.

Due to my Note, I can always let photos record my life and share photos with my friends via whatsapp, and share with you here. It’s so convenient to send via it with no cost (whatsapp is free in Android Market). I love taking photos and use apps to decorate them. Anyone could recommend me camera apps which exist in Android? Any share?

the sunset i see everyday. and the other three is IKEA food, another sun, and the song i love listening to recently.
these two photos are from iphone 4. We were finding places to take photos for projects. I like the color of the first one and my pose of the second one. 

a photo was taken when i pretended not noticing about the camera..

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