Mar 29, 2012


Because I want to write my blog better, I today kept reading others’ blogs. Then I recognised that people would be attracted by words no matter someone says don’t talk too much about yourself because people don’t know you and they do not want to know you.

I thought it may be right but now I doubt that if they don’t want to know me then why they would read my words? I know only a few about blogging so I read from “experts”. I feel hard to write and think too much before I write. I tried to do what “experts” says BUT it’s not my words at all. Try to be informative try to be attractive but not me. 

In fact, if you read blogs, you always don’t know the writers but if you keep reading, you will feel you know her. From words, readers may know the writer’s personalities and can be attracted by what the writer says and the attitudes.

So now, I decided to do the blog in my way and I will find my own way.
But still, I hope you would like it and leave me some words.
I like trees with fewer leaves.

My beloved Dr. Martens :)

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