Mar 28, 2012

My Dr. Martens

Making a successful brand is not easy at all. I think Dr. Martens is one of the examples.

I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens around one month ago for my sister’s wedding day. I want to have my own Dr. Martens for ages but it’s true that it’s expensive for a student like me before. And then now I have my full time job and I can afford it. (ok, I’m not gonna tell my story……)
There must be some reasons about a brand with 62-years history since 1960 to be that popular . What I think are quality and style of the products.

About the quality, people can wear their Dr. Martens wherever and whenever they want. Because of waterproof, rain will not damage the beauty of the boots. A firm leather with a fine print, giving a natural grain finish. With the coolest design and style, it is worth for the price.

And for me, I believe I will buy another pair of Dr. Martens…afterwards.

My boots were USD250 because they were made in England for the 60th anniversary of DR. Marten. The thick leather and the behind reasons make me feel the price is reasonable. By the way, due to the thickness, I’ve had to wear the boots for over 2 weeks to make it soft (and now till not soft enough). And also due to the thickness, the boots are so heavy. So WORTH it XD

I would like to end with a question: 

Would you wear a pair of thick boots in Summer?

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