Mar 8, 2012

What you want?

Do you go to work everyday?
Do you know why you have do so?

For living? Or you work for interests?

I am now an editorial assistant. I edit words everyday although i love words.

Although i see my job as a stepping stone, i'm confused about working for others.

I have an online shop on ETSY before. For some reasons, it closed. BUT, i haven't given up about opening any kinds of shops and the main points are that I AM THE BOSS and I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT.

I mean i can make decisions.

Why my job now is a stepping stone?
Because i have not enough experience to do what i want. From the words i read everyday, i do know more about business. And i believe when i have enough "power" i can achieve my goal!

Open a shop!

We are beter to have dreams and fight for them. Otherwise we have no reasons to suffer all these in our lifes.

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