Sep 24, 2011

23 is a new start

Wow, Happy birthday to me is over and now I am 23.
I changed the headline of my blog – 23 is a new start.
At the night on my birthday, I had a casual dinner at a noodle restaurant. I ate nearly a full bowl of noodles and I love noodles so much, and also being full (by the way, I can’t stand for being hungry, the feeling makes me crazy and bad temper). And then birthday cake always is a must.

One thing surprised me was that my best friend Kiki bought me a cake and we ate it during lesson break. I did surprise as she told me she wanted to go to washroom but then her boyfriend was waiting for us with a cake. And I ate half of it because of hunger =0= shame!
It was half cake. only 0.5lb for the whole

the end of my birthday.

Although I’m a kind of busy recently due to the school term and final year project, I borrowed a book for reading on taking transportations. I love to do so because I spend at least 30minutes a day on subway. It can kill time and I can learn more during the boring time as I have no iPhone yet.

OK, the book is “It’s not how GOOD you are, it’s how GOOD you want to be.”- by Paul Arden. And I can find a video on youtube (although I don’t know why there is a photo video about a book..)
the photos are shown in order so that you could try to read it.
the whole style is so funny that big words and less words.

tell me what you think about it:)

Goodnight and have a wonderful day!

PS. I have got 2 followers eventually. happy me!

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