Sep 28, 2011


I’m taking a publication design course in this semester.
In the first lesson I just thought I could handle it. However, when the first assignment came and I saw my design, I was so frustrated. You know why? See!

I have to focus on those names which I don’t know.
When I heard the lecturer praised the works of my classmates and looked back what I had done, it was really sad! It has no any design at all! At that night, I tried not to give up and came out a new design. Much better right?!
I turned the paper stuff into PDF yesterday with Indesign.
And I had the lesson today and the lecturer marked all assignments. It’s really exciting that the lecturer praised my work and he said it’s a great success!!!!!!

Ya, that’s what I wanna share as I am still very happy. Staying at the bottom doesn’t matter at all but we have to try to get back from there.

I'll keep trying on everything!

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