Sep 3, 2011

What I hate & like

Today is my second day of the last new school term. After eating sushi with friends at lunch, we went back to school and started talking about the final year project. I do hate oral presenting in front of lots of people! I do feel shy! Being a university student, English is the only language for presentation but it’s not my mother language. You might think my writing is ok! Yes, but my speaking is not all… don’t tell me practice is everything. I practice but the performance may not the same as the rehearsals…er..Maybe more preparations are needed.

Keep reminding myself how I should behave!

After the long discussion, I have my first yoga lesson of September tonight. It’s easy at the beginning but after half an hour, I’m tired. The teacher says I make some sounds like being shooting.. TIRED!

I love staying health and I would have another yoga lesson tomorrow.
the bottom one is a bowl of chicken rice that I eat right after the yoga...shame!!!..and the coke. 9pm.

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