Sep 18, 2011

Why I am here.

Why the god gave you a chance to be here? The film is all about the meaning of life. Sometime I wonder why I’m here in the world and it seems I have not done something special like helping people their life. It’s a bit unreal about living.

It’s like a dream that I’m just on a vacation from outside the earth but this time the duration is just a bit long, and long. And someday I’ll leave by some reasons, having to go back to my original planet and finish my book report about the trip, who knows.

No matter rich or poor, I hope I can still be myself because I really love being myself, considering internal peace, trying to be nice to everyone truly otherwise I’d not give a damn on him/her, etc.

You know what life is really unpredictable and why you have a chance to be here is that you’ve a long vacation and find out who you are and what you really have to do during the time.

OK, why I’m talking this is because I just watched a film calledCharlie St. Cloud. It’s a little film review.

Enjoy life!

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