Sep 5, 2011

Keep going!

I’m now suffering muscle pains because I had 2 lessons yesterday – body combat and yoga. The 45-minutes body combat already killed me. The movements were easy but I could only be so hyper for half an hour. And the rest? Just tried to move. It was my first time to take this lesson which I expect to for ages. I’d love to find an exercise to protect myself against abnormal person and I’d keep taking this kind of lesson later! I know, it’s not easy at all!

After that I rested for 1hour and took the yoga lesson. As for me, it is more comfortable as I can get the balance easily. But if you aren’t, you are still recommended to take it which help to improve your situation. Needless to say yoga is helpful!
I’m now having the one-month membership at the fitness centre and only enjoy the lessons but not the exercise machines ,which make my lower legs bigger=
I join 1 yoga lesson today and plan to take 2 exercises tomorrow. Let’s see how I would be at the end of September.

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