Sep 8, 2011

Mandala & Yoga

I keep joining yoga lessons recently as I believe seeking peace from my inside mind. When doing yoga, we only have to focus on ourselves’ posture and breathe, no thinking but only taking care of ourselves. I’ve told that I was a bad-temper person, but now I changed. Improving and correcting myself consciously is needed. Helping from outside, yoga, is also important, which makes me peaceful.

Oh yes, I joint constant temperature yoga (40 degree Celsius) yesterday that I sweated a lot. The movements were the same as the Hatha yoga, but it wasn’t easy under the hot environment. I love sweating during exercising and feel like I’m healthier than before.

And the last, some Mandalas by me.


  1. I love my yoga practice. I do mine at home...
    Wonderful getting to know you.

  2. Sherry namaste,

    I would like to know do you follow videos or you have the postures in you mind? as i plan to do mine at home too :)