Jul 17, 2011

Have fun with Clams at beach

I went to a beach with my mum today for digging clams from 2pm to 6pm. That was the 4th time of doing so and I feel like I’m experienced (for collecting clams lol). We took our equipments there, like caps, buckets, rubber boots and the most SPECIAL one is…
which is made by knife and iron tube. It’s big and powerful enough to help us digging so many clams like this …
4 hours later, I yelled that I was soooo exhausted and couldn’t help myself to stop as it was really fun. 6pm wast still early so some people were still hard working on it.
Yes, it was a great time for me going out with my mum and doing the thing she likes most! BTW, I dont know why every time she collects clams also feels it's the first time and exicited that would be sleepless. It's good to see every time is the first time and enjoy it. Isn't it?

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