Jul 21, 2011

do you have Underarm problem?

I would say Internet is amazing. The best is you can get benefits there! Recently in Hong Kong, group buying is famous and some items are really cheap and attractive. I’ve bought beard papa’s and one-month gym membership (now I’m using) before.

OK, the story is long enough to stop.

Below is what I want to share with you.
I bought an underarm hair removal coupon last night which only costs USD37 (original price is USD249) for all my life until no trouble over unwanted hair. It’s a Japanese company in Hong Kong –Musee Platinum Tokyo- and many people say their services are good and no pushy sales (what a relief!).
Underarm hair is my problem all the time since I grown up (I even think Western girl don’t have it…). I considered to join some treatments before but they are really expensive so I plan to have it after finishing my college. But now, I’m really happy and excited to say that I can get what I want in a lower price. And also my elder sister has joined the company and recommended me to do too :) GREAT!!

*Of course I’m not doing advertisement and I also have to pay for my treatment..:(

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