Jul 25, 2011

Pebble mats

I was preparing some new products for my Etsy today and I just finished a new listing by now! THANK GOD! Some are for tomorrow...It has a tiring preparation but every time when I finish one, I do feel happy and satisfied. Thank you again!

I do hope people like my goods and then buy it! (Buying is a must to the seller, honestly.) However, appreciation is also great for me.

People say being with what person, time and place are the important elements of having a great meal. I would say, everything around you is significant. This time, I launch pebble mats to add flavor to life and they may help to increase your appetite.

The pebbles make me feel I’m in Thailand and having a holiday near a beach in a sunny day. Don’t you? If you always enjoy your meals at your wooden dinning table sets in the garden, it seems these stone really suit your taste!

For more details, please visit there.

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