Jul 3, 2011

A kitty

I’ve never had a cat before so I borrow a kitty from my friend for one night. It kept meowing on the bus and at the end I just ignored others’ curiosity. That kitten was so cute that kept eating and playing paper ball.

It was doing a poo.

After playing for about an hour, it slept and must sleep on my body with different gestures. It’s so amazing to have a little cute creature on my body. Although I don’t believe God, I think the creator is so great to design different roles for us (please come back to the topic).
One night later, I sent the kitty back to my friend as it must be accompanied but I had to go out. Otherwise, it miaows miserably. I want to have a cat in the future but I would consider it seriously as that is a huge responsibility.

Each life is equally important.

Ps. I re-posted the photos of the last entry.

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