Jul 26, 2011

Book Fair

I went to annual book fair today which I was excited for serveral days. I expected to buy many books but I ended up only buying a set of 18 chicken mcnuggets and sitting on the floor out of the McDonalds as there were full of people!!!
(I was at the right top corner)
And USD2 stationery. When it was almost the end of the fair, many promotional skills came up. Paying USD2 to grasp a hand out of a box of stationery that you try to get as many as you can or ask the booth holder to grasp a hand for you. I asked the holder who was a man to help me. see.. many!

I only took a few photos.

These books are free of charge about Buddha, transmigration of the soul and the left top corner is about meditaion in English. I love reading books about death and transmigration that remind me should me kind when alive. I believe the relation between cause and effect.

We should be kind to everybody. Let's smile :)

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