Jul 27, 2011

Thank you♥

I planned to go to gym room with my best friend ever Angel but she ended up cancelling it and said tired. It doesn’t matter and we’ll go there tomorrow! So, what I did today? I had my time watching movie and reading the books I took yesterday from book fair.
(If you were wondering why I have so much time, it’s because I’m a college student and having my last summer holiday. I’ve planned to get a part-time job but I don’t want to push too hard and just do the thing I want in these 2 months.)

I watched Happy Thank You More Please today. It’s a love story about couples, finding true love and the love between foster children and a man.
One thing in the film reminded me that we should be grateful and say thank you. One “thank you” isn’t enough so we should say more. That’s why “thank you more please”. When we express our gratefulness truly, good things would come back.

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