Jul 17, 2011

4th Gossip Girl

Finally, I finished the 4th season of Gossip Girl. I don’t know any about NYC so I hope I can know more about it via Gossip Girl. Is everyone in the Upper East Side like Serena or Blair? Of course not I suppose.

As for me, the reason I started watching it is trying to listen the American accent. I’ve to admit that I’m an English learner and I need Chinese subtitle as I still can’t get all the conversations which are fast and lots of American slang…but luckily, now I can understand and follow a bit.

So, the 4th Gossip Girl is finished and I’ve to wait for the 5th with lots of other US films.
I always watch US movies.
Reason number 1, the plot is absolutely great.
Reason number 2, the characters are good looking.
The most important reason number 3, I want to keep myself in the English world as I’m not. (BTW, I want to live in the West someday. I hope to.)

Maybe one day I would talk about the film I watched and I love. And actually I did watch some nice films in the last week and I also recommended my sis.

Let’s enjoy films and English :) !

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