Aug 21, 2011


In the last three days, I drank lots of wine with my family members who are in china. They love red wine and some Chinese wine. Every time when I see my favorite relative who I call “brother”, we stop drinking until he can take no more. He loves wine so much

For him, wine is the only way to free himself from his problems and worries. Of course it’s not the best solution but it’s the exist for him, the only moment of relaxation after drunk. Sometimes I just don’t know why people don’t do things “correctly”. When many around him tell him not to drink or smoke so much, he just keep doing and can’t control himself. 

Yes, it’s alcoholic.

Maybe it's correct for him but not the others. However, no one can tell what's correct and wrong. Can I? 

I hope he would be happier and know how to save himself.
We should love ourselves and find out the real and permanent peace.

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