Aug 9, 2011

A new launch - Acrylic Fancy Felt

Finally, a new product comes up, thanks GOD!

Only selling crafting supplies on Etsy doesn’t mean I won’t sell the previous items, like wooden Deer head, USB flash drive and wooden iPhone4 cases. If you want you could contact me anytime and tell me which one you want, as simply as leave a message to me

Here comes 4 set of Acrylic Fancy Felt Fabric Sheet
(A) USB 20---12" x 12"(30cm x 30cm) 40 pieces

(B) USB 32---17.75” X 17.75” (45cm x 45cm) 40 pieces

(C) USB 45---23” X 23” (60cm x 60cm) 40 pieces
(D) USB 26---12" x 12"(30cm x 30cm) 50 pieces
Having any one of (A)-(D), you could buy the above 10 felt pieces at USB 2, as much as you want. The shapes and colors of the pieces would be sent randomly

*Sizes are slightly different from piece to piece.
*Thickness: 1 mm
*They are in different colors

For the listing, Click!

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