Aug 28, 2011


I read a blog about a man who loves Thailand and always goes there (that is a Chinese blog with lots of photos). If you like photos or Thailand, I recommend you to visit the blog.

I plan to visit Thailand for my next travel. I love travelling and I think everyone does. Why Thailand? Cheap things, lots of food and snacks, crafts and sunshine.
I’ve been to Arizona-US once and Taiwan 4times. I love these 2 places and I hope I would be able to live in one of them in the future. By the way, have you ever think about moving from your country?

I’ve been Arizona for 2 weeks for my study trip 4years ago. I stayed at Northen Arizona University and it was a great time. Although it was a short trip and I didn't have enough time to explore the US culture, I always imagine the life in the US. However, I believe the place I stay is always good for me!

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