Aug 1, 2011

Films recommended

1 Auguse, a brand new day!!

I watched a film today - Source Code – and I recommend it to you. It’s all about insistence and faith. A man has a mission and it seems it’s impossible to change the fate that many people would die. However, he insists. He convinces the only person who can offer help. Success! He just does everything he can and enjoys the last moment with the one who loves. And the end is…? Please enjoy the film!

Everything is gonna be OK!
The plot and core message of this film are like The Adjustment Bureau. It’s about no matter what the God plans for you, if you don’t want it you should try hard to change it.
We should have faith and go towards what exactly we want! NO compromise or at least have a TRY! As for me, I wanted to be a translator as my career. After 2years of studies, I know I don’t have that talent. I do want to finish my dream but the truth is I tried and I should explore the other talents. Now, maybe I’ve mentioned before, I want to be a boss! What kind? I need time to figure it out.

OK, the lesson is finished, bye and have a nice day~

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