Aug 24, 2011


I go to Hong Kong history museum. I love old things with others’ memories that I read them in the sad way. I think the people in the past always worried about life and unhappy. Although I can’t understand how the people lived in the past, I can see their living style in different exhibitions.

Our living environment keeps improving but I don’t think the people now are happier than that in the past. I think the invisible distance between people is longer and people keep pushing themselves for something unreal, like money, reputation, identification,etc. We "enjoy" our life but don’t treasure what we have.

For me, life is difficult because I don't know how I should live. I know something about the Buddha that what we need is peace. However, how can I gain it in this world and how can I make a balance between living and peace?

Wow... difficult right?!

What I’m telling is what I want to remind myself! I always forget to appreciate what I own, like my family.

Cherish! Cherish! Cherish!

and ... this is the photos time:

the 2 silvers are irons.
i was eating a model of village.
behind us was 2 sailboats.
the basket was like my hair style XD
can you see me?! the lights were so dark!! i would say there was no light... 

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