Aug 22, 2011


Huh…have you ever experienced that when you want to write something and ready for typing, you just don’t know what to type? Write something about myself but I’ve nothing special to tell…

Today, I went to another gym room for registration. I bought the one-month membership online at lower price again. It’s so nice that the price including 2 gifts – yoga mat and iphone arm key. The most attractive is that I can have yoga lessons as many as I want. Many say yoga is good for health and which is not cheap. So when I saw this selling point, I decided to buy it at once. I am gonna start at September.

I’ve told that after the workout last month, my legs are bigger and I’m heavier. Let’s see how I would be later. This time, I would only do yoga and sauna but no big legs…
do you think i can do this? haha...

No hard selling and pushing is the best marketing skills. I would like to buy things without pushing me to pay and I know my previous gym room love to cheat people and I hate it so much.

Honesty and respect are the best.

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