Aug 4, 2011

Everything is gonna be OK

A few things I would love to share today.

First, it’s a trouble for me.
My etsy shop has been suspended since 1 August and the reasons are 1. the products are not made by myself 2. they are not vintage 3. they are not the supplies for crafting. Using the above reasons they suspended my shop and keep ignoring my emails. I clarified why I can sell my products and even told them I can delete the items just for starting over with the shop name. But then? They just have not replied my email as soon as possible and considerate the feeling as a shopper whose shop is being suspended and may not be reactive afterwards. From anger to frustration, I have no ideas what I could do now! Please help me!
 Everything is gonna be OK!

Second, I love Pinterest.
I spend lots of time on it these few days and it’s fun to pin and repin the photos I like! And I also pinned the products I sell on etsy. Please visit there!

Third, I keep workout at least one hour a day just for being healthy and it’s important for living nowadays. And after it, I just eat bread but not mcnuggets anymore.

(taken the photos on Pinterest)

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